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Year 9 – 12 Admissions


The aim of the admissions policy is to achieve as even a balance as possible in each year group with regard to religious denomination, gender and academic ability. Lagan College is a grant maintained integrated school as defined by the Education Reform (NI) Order 1989 and the Board of Governors is required to ensure that ‘the management, control and ethos of the school are such as are likely to attract to the school reasonable numbers of both Protestant and Roman Catholic pupils’. The Board of Governors considers that this is the pre-eminent feature which distinguishes an integrated school from all other schools and will operate the criteria as outlined below in such a way to ensure a balance in each group which is as close a ratio of 40% Roman Catholic, 40% Protestant and 20% of other religious affiliations or none.

Admissions Sub Committee

The Board of Governors having agreed the criteria for admissions to the school has delegated to the Admissions Sub Committee the authority to decide which particular applicant shall be admitted into Lagan College in accordance with the criteria and any appropriate statutory regulations issued by the Department of Education. The Admissions Sub Committee will comprise of the Principal, Deputy Principal and a Senior Teacher to decide which year group shall have priority and allocation of places.

Admissions Procedure for Years 9 - 12

Students will not normally be admitted to Lagan College other than at the normal transfer stage and in September unless the number of pupils in a particular year group falls below the annual intake figure as set by the Department of Education.

Admissions will not normally be made into Year 12 unless exceptional circumstances exist and only then will this be agreed after careful consideration by the Board of Governors.

  • Parent(s)/guardian(s) must apply in writing to the Principal, explaining reasons for wishing to transfer their child to Lagan College. This letter must be accompanied by two of the child’s most recent academic reports, their attendance record and any other useful information.
  • The academic ability of the applicant shall be assessed according to reports from their present school and/or by a report from the educational psychology service of the Educational Authority.

Before deciding to offer a place, the Board of Governors will ensure that:

  • The approved annual intake number will not be exceeded.
  • The student’s attendance rate at their present school is above 95%.
  • The student has an exemplary behaviour and conduct record.
  • The student can be placed in an appropriate KS3 ‘learning paced’ class or GCSE class to meet their learning needs.
  • The necessary resources are available in the particular year group and the offer of a place would not prejudice the delivery of the curriculum to existing students, for example by exceeding maximum numbers for practical subjects or impacting on the ‘efficient and effective education’ of the current students.
  • The offer of a place would be in the best interests of both the student and Lagan College.


If a place is not available at the time of application, the applicant be placed on a waiting list for that academic year.

In the event that there is a waiting list, when a place does become available the offer of a place shall be determined by the application of the following criteria in order:

  • A – Applicants who have a brother/sister currently enrolled in Lagan College.
  • B – Applicants whose parent(s)/guardian(s) are employees of Lagan College or a member of the Board of Governors.
  • C – Applicants who are the eldest eligible child in their family to attend a mainstream school.
  • D – Applicants who presently attend a Grant Maintained Integrated or Controlled Integrated School as defined by the Education Reform (NI) Order 1989.
  • E – Applicants moving house to within travelling distance of Lagan College from outside its normal catchment area, or from outside Northern Ireland.
  • F – All other applicants.


If there is over-subscription in the last criterion that can be applied, then selection for the available places will be according to chronological order of receipt of an application form.

If there are still too many applications for the last available places or in the event of a tie, then priority will be determined by proximity of residence to Lagan College as measured independently for the Governors by a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (distance tie-breakers are not recommended by DE).

Exceptional Circumstances

The Governors will take exceptional circumstances into consideration. These should relate to the distinctive nature of the education which Lagan College offers. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to make clear in writing and in confidence to the Principal why they believe their case to be one of exceptional circumstances.

Exceptional Circumstances Body applies also.


If a parent/guardian wishes to appeal the decision of the Admissions Sub-Committee they should apply in writing to the Board of Governors and the matter will be investigated. A response will be made to parents via a formal process. The decision of the Board of Governors is final.

Other appeals are available through the Appeal Tribunal and Article 101 applications.

All newcomer students will be expected to subscribe to the aims and objectives of Lagan College as stated in the College’s publications.


January 2022