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Board of Directors

The Directors of Lagan College oversee the integrated and inclusive ethos and values of the school. The Board serves to ensure that the Chaplains working within the Chaplaincy & Wellbeing Centre continue to be at the heart of College life and work tirelessly to support the spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing needs of both students and staff.

The Directors work with the Principal and the Director of Finance and Corporate Services, on a strictly confidential basis, to enable and promote the vision of the pioneering parents who established the school in 1981. Holding charitable status, the Directors of Lagan College are able to support a range of educational opportunities for all students, and at times those families who may be in need.

Our Directors:

Fr Tom Layden

Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Fr Tom Layden is a former Provincial of the Jesuit Order in Ireland and is involved in ecumenism and church unity. Fr Tom joined the Board of Directors in 2017.

Mr Andrew Woods

Andrew joined the Board of Directors in 2017. He is a former firefighter for the Belfast Fire Department. Andrew is married to Patricia and has two children, both who formally attended Lagan College.

Mr Kevin McVeigh

Kevin joined the Board of Directors in 2011. He is a partners with Elliott Duffy Garrett Commercial Lawyers and brings this line of expertise to the Board.

Dr Duncan Morrow

Duncan is a former Board of Governor representative and became a member of the Board of Directors in 2017. Duncan’s children attended Lagan College and he is an avid supporter of integrated education.

Mrs Felicity Cinnamon

Mrs Cinnamon is an Associate at DWF – Telecoms. She has recently become the mother of twins.

Mr Brian Lambkin

Brian joined the Board of Directors in 2011. He was a former Principal of Lagan College and has a keen interest in maintaining the ethos and values of integrated education.

Mrs Liza Wilkinson

Liza joined the Board of Directors in 2017. Liza is the Director of Tides Training. Liza has over nineteen years’ experience in the field of good relations, conflict resolution and capacity building, using restorative practice with extensive meditative experience.

Mrs Amanda McNamee MBE

Amanda joined the Board of Directors in 2010. Amanda is the principal of Lagan College. She has over 28 years experience in education and is committed and passionate to ensure that every child achieves their full potential in an integrated, all-ability setting.