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Dining Facilities

“A healthy, balanced diet makes an important contribution to children’s growth and development, to their educational performance and attainment and to their long-term health and well-being. The relationship between poor health, nutrition and low school achievement is well-documented”

Healthy food, for healthy outcomes, Department of Education.

Mar 2024
Spring Menu 2024

Lagan College recognises the important role of schools in contributing to childhood nutrition and the development of the knowledge and skills necessary to make healthier food choices. We understand that nutrition is central to health and that children’s diet can be an important influence on their health now and in the future. Our dining facilities promotes healthy eating and encourages pupils and staff to make healthy food choices by providing healthy and nutritious meals and snacks each day.

Our College has three dining facilities, the Dining Hall, the Internet Café and the Bistro. All are bright, spacious areas providing our students with a pleasant dining experience in a relaxing, comfortable and sociable setting. Hot and cold meals are served in all three areas by Lagan College Catering staff. The school operates a cashless system. There are arrangements for students, who are entitled to receive free school meals.

The Bistro area is used by students who choose to bring a packed lunch or mix and match. The Dining Service staff hold a number of food of the world celebration days throughout the year, in support of diversity and inclusion. We also offer vegetarian and vegan options. In the Summer time students are permitted to eat at the picnic benches outside.

Remission of Charges including Free School Meals

Where parents or carers of a child or children in attendance at the College are in receipt of Income Support, then the child or children will be entitled to free school meals. Parents/carers can apply online here. The Education Authority decides as to eligibility and notifies both parents/carers and the College.

In respect of other school charges, Lagan College’s Board of Governors will consider supporting any family experiencing exceptional circumstances or hardship.

Parents/carers are encouraged to make full use of the Parents’ Council uniform recycling shop which is located at the front of school.