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Computers are changing the ways in which we learn, communicate, enjoy leisure time and live our lives. Today’s citizens need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to enable them to participate in an information rich society and prepare for a range of jobs in a fast paced and ever changing technological environment.

Lagan College has achieved three NAACE ICT Awards to date, in recognition of its commitment to the use of emerging technologies to enhance student learning and success.

All our students have access to a wide range of school facilities and equipment including interactive whiteboards in all teaching spaces, 9 Computer Suites, a state of the art Library, 2 Mac Suites, a Media Studies Suite- comprising of editing and recording rooms, three Music recording studios and access to a digital device, all hosted in a fully WiFi enabled site.

Since 2015 all of our students have made use of personal iPads/laptops as part of a blended learning approach with traditional books, pen and paper. As a school we are committed to advancing the versatility of our students to be able to use technology for work and play. We endeavour to fully prepare our young people to meet the challenges of 21st Century employment.

In Key Stage 3 all students enjoy regular ICT classes which enables them to develop their skills.

We introduce the latest concepts including multimedia presentations, web design, animation, flash programming and gaming. Students can choose to study GCSE ICT, GCSE Computing and GCSE Moving Image Arts. At A Level our students benefit from the option of further choices in ICT, Software Systems Development, Moving Image Arts and Applied A Level ICT.

ICT is cross curricular and so students are encouraged to use ICT in a variety of ways through all the Departments within school, via our google classrooms, departmental websites and mobile devices at home. Students can also further their learning and enjoyment of e-Learning Technology by joining the Media Studies Club, Film Club or Wii Club.