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Learning Support

The Learning Support Department endeavours to ensure that our students are supported within the mainstream school setting to achieve their full potential.

Learning Support takes a variety of formats including; in-class support, small group intervention provision and differentiated whole class provision.

In addition, we also deliver Newcomer support for students for whom English is an additional language. We work in conjunction with wide range of Education Authority Support services and an extensive range of external agencies, to target the delivery of effective and timely support for students with a wide range of learning, social, emotional and physical needs.

Some students with a Statement of Special Educational Needs can utilise the support of classroom assistance and the intervention from external support agencies such as Middletown Autism Centre and the EA Behavioural Support services.

The Learning Support Department endeavours to support students to experience success in all aspects of school life and to work in partnership between school and home to secure student success.

Learning Support Staff

Mrs U Walters – Head of Learning Support

Mrs C Gibney – Assistant Head of Learning Support & Head of Access Arrangements

Mr Stephen Grew – Learning Support Administration

Mrs F Glass – Learning Support Teacher

Ms C Charley – Newcomer Support

Mrs R Gordon – Peripatetic Teacher