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Our Pastoral Team

Chaplaincy and Our Chaplains

The Chaplaincy plays a prominent part in College life. It is open to students before school, break time and lunch time. The Chaplains are available for the students if they wish to speak to one of them in regard to a concern or worry. Sixth Form students are trained as mediators and work with Junior school students to resolve issues through conflict resolution.

The Chaplains take a joint ecumenical approach, working together wherever possible. As well as pastoral care of staff and students, the Chaplains co-ordinate collective worship at assemblies. The Chaplains make every effort to ensure that school worship is relevant to young people living in today’s world. Current events and issues are explored in the light of Scripture and brought into community prayer. Special assemblies are held to mark the principle Christian feasts (Christmas, Easter), significant days (Ash Wednesday, Remembrance, Harvest) or other special events (e.g. the beginning or end of school years; the death of a prominent figure, or member of the school community; important college anniversaries). Visiting speakers from other faith traditions are invited on occasion to share in assemblies and other aspects of school life, and attention is drawn to significant celebrations in other religious and cultural traditions. Assemblies can also be based on a secular theme.

Health and Wellbeing Support

The College has a First Aid Team which is based in the medical room. This is a vital part of the Pastoral Care and welfare of students and is available from 9.00 am until 3.30 pm. Any student who feels unwell in school should ask permission from a member of staff to absent themselves from class and report to the medical room, accompanied by another student, if necessary. Staff members must sign the student’s learning planner. A member of the First Aid Team will decide on the appropriate treatment and may contact a parent/carer if necessary. The medical room may also be used at the discretion of pastoral staff, as a place for a short period of ‘time out’ for those pupils who require this facility.

Pastoral Care Assistant

The role of the Pastoral Care Assistant, Ms Hanley, is to support students when necessary and provide a safe space during unstructured periods. The Pastoral Care Assistant office is situated near the student entrance. Students who arrive late to school report to the Pastoral Care Assistant and their time of arrival is recorded. Students who need to leave school for a medical appointment need to sign out or in with the Pastoral Care Assistant. The Pastoral Care Assistant monitors attendance at afternoon interventions, transport issues and student welfare matters. The role also incorporates supporting the Pastoral Team, especially the Heads of Year with administration tasks. The Pastoral Care Assistant links regularly with the First Aid Team, Chaplains, Head of Additional Needs and the Pastoral Vice-Principal to share information in regard to students who are in need of pastoral support.

First Aid Team

The First Aid team will respond to any medical needs of students on the school site in the first instance and contact external agencies as and when necessary. The First Aid Team works in conjunction with the rest of the Pastoral Team, Form Tutors, Heads of Year and Heads of School to deliver a joined up pastoral service for students.