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Gifted & Talented

As an all-ability College, one of our key priorities is to stretch and challenge every child and we give specific support to those with a gift or talent in an academic or extra-curricular learning endeavour. Specific strategies include:

  • Providing extension activities in class.
  • Continually developing and sharing the College’s Learning Resources and E-Learning (ICT) facilities regarding extension activities.
  • Providing stocks of challenging activities and resources for the more able.
  • Encouraging independent research as part of homeworks and/or projects.
  • Giving extra reading material.
  • Organising external competitions and awards in, for example, the Sporting and Business fields, public speaking, quizzes and debates.
  • Choosing, in exams, a particular module to ensure high achievement for the most able.
  • Enabling students to sit examinations, such as GCSEs, early.
  • Promoting Oxbridge entrance.
  • Promoting Nuffield Bursary.
  • Providing CEIAG & Work Experience opportunities to broaden a young person’s aspirations.
  • Providing opportunities with our partner in business, Pinsent Mason, Danske Bank & PWC.
  • Recognising and celebrating achievements.