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In Lagan College, online safety for students, staff and the wider community is a paramount concern. Lagan College wants students to have the opportunity to avail of all the positive benefits that come from learning, exploring and connecting with each other online. However, in doing so, they need to know how to protect themselves. It is important that students understand the impact of their behaviour when engaging with online technologies and how to act appropriately and stay safe. This section contains useful websites to support young people and their families to stay safe online.

Lagan College - E-Safety - Net Aware

NSPCC Net Aware

Do you want to know what your child is looking at and if it is safe? Are you confused about the vast arrange of new apps and social media sites out there? Then the Net Aware site from the NSPCC is ideal.

It has a quick no nonsense guide to what the main apps and social media sites are out there, what they do and their potential harm. This will enable you to make informed decisions as to what to look out for.

There is also a fantastic app for this organisation which has recently been released and is constantly updated.

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Lagan College - Internet Matters

Internet Matters

Internet Matters is a not-for-profit organisation working with online safety experts to bring you all the information you need to keep your children safe online.
It provides:

  • Advice on important E Safety issues
  • News and advice from industry experts
  • Guidance on setting parental controls and filters
  • Reviews on the latest technology and apps
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Lagan College - CEOP

CEOP - Child Exploitation and Online Protection Organisation

It is linked in with the National Crime Agency and is dedicated to making the web a safer place for young people. It has a great deal of information on what to be aware of online and how to combat these threats.  It has a very well-known Thinkuknow campaign which is a dedicated education programme rolled out to schools including Lagan College.

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Lagan College - Thinkuknow


Thinkuknow aims to ensure that everyone has access to this practical information – children, young people, their parents and carers and the professionals who work with them.

Alongside the Thinkuknow website the programme provides educational resources, including films, cartoons and lesson plans, to help professionals raise young people’s awareness.

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Lagan College - Parent Info

Parent Info

Parent Info is a fantastic site and is full of resources and information.  It provides high quality information to parents and carers about their children’s wellbeing and resilience.

This service covers many difficult topics about sex, relationships and the internet or body image and peer pressure to broader parenting topics like ‘how much sleep do teenagers need?’

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Lagan College - Childnet


Childnet’s mission is to work in partnership with others around the world to help make the internet a great and safe place for children.

Childnet work directly with children and young people from the ages of 3 to 18 on a weekly basis, as well as parents, carers, teachers and professionals, finding out about their real experiences online, and the positive things they are doing as well as sharing safety advice.

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Lagan College - South West Grid


This an update from South West Grid which offers e-safety advice.

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Lagan College - E-Safety - Vodafone Digital Parenting Magazine

Vodafone Digital Parenting Magazine

Vodafone produce a free magazine ‘Digital parenting’ which can be downloaded or read online.

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