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The Schools’ Entrance Assessment Group (SEAG) will be used by all 62 academically selective schools in Northern Ireland from 2023.

Key Dates:

Assessment Paper 1 – Saturday 11th November 2023

Assessment Paper 2 – Saturday 25th November 2023

Results Issued – 27 January 2024


Higher/Grammar Stage 1 Entry

Special Circumstances & Special Provision Forms

Please see the relevant forms available below if your child was registered for the SEAG assessment or not, and you wish to consider applying for Special Circumstances or Special Provision in relation to our Higher/Grammar Stage 1 Entry route.

Please note that these forms should not be submitted to individual schools but uploaded to the EA Transfer portal when opened from 30th January until 22nd February 2024.

Feb 2024
Guidance for Special Circumstances
Feb 2024
Special Circumstances Form
Feb 2024
Guidance for Special Provisions
Feb 2024
Special Provisions Form