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Welcome to Lagan College

Lagan College is Northern Ireland’s first planned, integrated, all ability, co-educational college. We are located in South Belfast, in an area of natural beauty, beside the Cregagh Glen. Our college was established in 1981 by pioneering parents, who chose to educate their children together.

As a leading school in Northern Ireland, we pride ourselves on being student-centered and place wellbeing and mental health at the heart of all we do. Our dedicated governors, staff, parents, students and directors, work in partnership to ensure that Lagan College is a happy, caring and inclusive learning community.

We are committed to enabling each student to reach their learning potential and achieve success in all its forms.

Lagan College - Students around the school

To educate to the highest standards Catholics, Protestants and others of goodwill, of all abilities, together.

About Lagan College

Why Choose Lagan College?

Lagan College is Northern Ireland’s first planned, integrated school having been founded in 1981 by a small group of pioneering parents, who wished to educate their children together in a different way.

From small and humble beginnings in a Scout Hut beside the River Lagan with 28 students, we have grown and flourished into a world renowned and successful post-primary school provider, located on a stunning, National Trust site, in the Castlereagh hillside, South Belfast.

Parent/Carers choose Lagan College because we are a planned and intentional, integrated school. We are committed to nurturing and developing each individual child, irrespective of their cultural background, faith or none, ability level, politics, gender or family unit.

We care passionately about children in terms of their holistic care and wellbeing and seek to provide numerous learning opportunities and pathways for our students to experience and enjoy. We form positive relationships and try to support each student to reach their potential and experience success in all its forms.

We believe that if children feel motivated, happy and safe to learn, there are no bounds to reaching their aspirations and future pathways.

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From The Students
From The Students
From The Staff
From the Parents

Chris Cassells

“Despite pressure from those around me to go to a traditional grammar school, I chose Lagan due to the warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere. This is a decision I haven’t regretted for a single minute. I have now enjoyed six and a half happy years at Lagan, where I have developed many lifelong friendships with a diverse range of people, I may never have otherwise come into contact with, coming from a small village in rural County Down”

Mirran Morrison

“As the only student from my primary school, I was nervous to join such a large secondary school, however, I was immediately welcomed into the Lagan family. I have enjoyed every minute of my time at Lagan and encourage you to get involved and choose somewhere that, like me, you will feel happy in and a part of.

I first came to Lagan as a student teacher for my final year placement in October 2005, little did I know that 17 years later I would still be here and preparing my own daughter for starting Year 8. I truly believe that we have something special here at our School, right from the beginning I felt a sense of community and belonging. It isn’t just a place of work but rather a big family that wants the best for each other and is striving to make a difference to the cultural, religious and academic landscape of Northern Ireland. I hope that my daughter will experience this and build memories to last a lifetime over the next 7 years.

Mrs S Lyon – R.E Teacher

Our young people receive not just excellent teaching but are broadened by experiencing life in an integrated setting. There is an ethos of respect and cooperation that they will carry for the rest of their lives. This is enhanced by the pastoral care team and the new wellbeing centre. Teachers assist students to work at the very best of their ability and there is a wide range of courses and activities available. As parents, we also become part of the school, particularly with our Parents Council. Our feedback is welcome and has contributed to school policies. Being part of the college is an enriching experience!

Gladys Wylie – Chair of Parents’ Council

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Ut Sint Unum

That they may be one, John 17:22