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Uniformed Protective Services (UPS) Expedition

In order to fulfil the requirements of the Uniformed Protective Services, a number of young people recently completed an Expedition Challenge competition. All UPS teams demonstrated a range of skills, many of which cannot be reproduced in the classroom setting, including leadership, navigation, teamwork, maintaining morale in adversity, camp craft, preparing and cooking good/nutritional food on a basic camping stove, care of the environment, first aid and use of emergency procedures. This year the cup has been won by a group of young women called REME. (Roksana Pazera, Mary Salters, Emma Carson and Erin Mayes). All the pupils who completed this challenge were fabulous on the day and really stepped up to the mark. As a result, the cup was hotly contended. This group pipped the post demonstrating steady self-reliance and determination throughout.

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