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Student Council 2022/2023

Following the recent election, here is our new Student Council for the 2022/2023 academic year.

Year 8

Alex Lyon

Isabella Lilley Ives

Sean T Annang

Eden Searle

Lucy Madden


Year 9

Hannah Depledge

Dearbhail Hallahan

Lucia Caughey

Marcus Keenan

Jude Kelly


Year 10

Jake Murray

Rhys Abernethy

Thomas Kirkwood

Chloe Baker

Macy O’Hare


Year 11

Ryan Mawhinney

Ben McCleery

Natasha Lynas

Joshua Michael

Leah Lennon


Year 12

Michael Gorman

Ryan Smyth

Terri-Anne Rutledge

Annie Stranney

Amy Pollard

Sophie Boldt


Year 13

Claudia Barrett

Lucy Brown

Jack Murray

Connell McKeown

Lucy Flynn


Year 14

Conan Hinds

Tom Robinson

Eason Tang

Simon Cameron Leckey

Jamie Jones


Head Boy/Girl Team

Christopher Cassells

Mirran Morrison

Sophie Browne

Kitty McTear

Cohen Taylor

Emma-Rose Fuller

Colin Crichton


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