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25th Anniversary of Good Friday Agreement

On 10th April 1998, the Good Friday Agreement was signed - the peace deal that brought an end to ‘The Troubles’. Twenty-five years on, progress has been made but we still have widespread segregation in our communities and education system.

The Good Friday Agreement sought to facilitate and encourage integrated education and mixed housing. In recent years, shared education initiatives has been introduced and developed as a means of starting the journey, which may lead to a fully immersive, integrated experience for our children and young people.

Lagan College welcomes and supports every opportunity to build peace in Northern Ireland for a shared future. When children play, learn and grow up together from different faiths (other and none), abilities, cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds and political viewpoints - they can build trust, understanding, respect and lifelong friendships.

Integrated education is planned and intentional and ensures that children from all backgrounds are educated together in the classroom, encouraging open-minded attitudes and helping build confidence to make informed decisions.

We hope that more schools in Northern Ireland will share our passion “to educate to the highest standards Catholics, Protestants and others of goodwill, of all abilities, together”. Twenty-five years on from the Good Friday Agreement, let’s all redouble our efforts to work together, to ensure that our children have the peaceful and bright future that they deserve.

Ut Sint Unum – That They May Be One.


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