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  • Mr M Navarrette (HOD)
  • Mrs T Castillo
  • Miss S Chapman
  • Mrs C Gibney
  • Miss E Gomez
  • Ms S Rodriguez-Garcia

Lagan College - Spanish Department

Key Stage 3

The Spanish Department not only promotes the learning of language but also encourages our students to get to know about culture, traditions and history of the Spanish-Speaking world. Our students are introduced to Spanish grammar and vocabulary which will allow them to express their ideas on a variety of topics. The use of I.T. is vital for this course. We work regularly with our online activity books and Google Classroom, with Hispanic language and culture as our main context of learning.  Most importantly, we work together to create a positive, enjoyable and all ability learning environment where everyone is welcome.

In Year 9 we offer the choice of either Spanish or French, giving them the opportunity to progress to GCSE.

During KS3, our students concentrate on a variety of topics, such as Spanish pronunciation and alphabet, exchanging personal information, telling the time, expressing likes and dislikes, hobbies and sports, weather conditions, describing their school and the subjects they like or not, activities they do during a school day, describing themselves and others, their family and home and country.

Key Stage 4

GCSE Spanish

Spanish is a diverse subject and there are many possible approaches to its teaching and delivery at KS4.  In the Spanish Department, we endeavour to deliver a stimulating language learning experience for all students through a planned yet flexible study programme.

We follow the CCEA specification which has proven it “develops students’ enthusiasm for the language while increasing their confidence in the four key skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing”.

The GCSE Spanish qualification is a two year course in which students study three distinct contexts of learning in detail:

  • identity, lifestyle and culture
  • local, national, international and global areas of interest
  • school life, studies and the world of work

These topics provide plenty of variety and scope for investigating, understanding, describing, discussing and giving opinions. Lessons are planned with a view to develop and increase the pace of learning to achieve high standards by all pupils.  They are intended to stretch all students and to develop students’ high order skills and understanding.

Studying Spanish at GCSE can continue to enhance linguistic and communication skills at A-level as a modern language is useful in the world of business, leisure, tourism and education.

Post 16 Study

A Level Spanish

AS and A2 courses are the natural progression for GCSE Spanish students. This course is design to provide a solid knowledge of the culture and society of Spanish speaking countries and of course a desire to enhance this knowledge through further study.

Spanish has emerged as the most important language for the UK in studies carried out by the British Council, and it can be used as a ‘gateway’ to learn other languages. Being a Romance language, it has many similarities to other European languages such as Italian, French and Portuguese. It is the second most spoken language by native speakers in the world, with more than 400 million Spanish speakers in 21 countries.

Our GCE students explore 2 units at AS and 2 units at A2:

  • AS – Relationships, Health & Lifestyle and Young people in Society.
  • A2 – Local & Global Citizenship and Environmental Awareness.

Speaking Spanish opens a door to a whole new world. Whether on holiday, meeting people at work, socialising or enjoying cultural life, your Spanish language skills will broaden your horizons, create new opportunities and increase your appreciation of what is out there. With so many Spanish speaking countries in the world there are constant opportunities for Spanish skills to pay dividends, whether at work or elsewhere.

Extra-curricular activities

  • Educational trip to Vejer de la Frontera, Spain.
  • European Day of Languages

Career Pathways