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  • Miss G Morrison (HOD)
  • Miss J Shaw (HOD)
  • Miss J Morgan (Career Break)

Sociology is offered at A Level. It is the study of people, life and their relationships with each other, their roles in society and their patterns of behaviour. In other words, the focus of the sociologist’s attention is group behaviour and, more specifically, how our membership of social groups (such as families, friends and schools) impacts on our individual behaviour.

The study of human society should be objective. By this, we mean that sociologists try to create factual knowledge, rather than knowledge based on opinion. It is important that we do not allow our personal bias to influence the facts or research. To achieve this, we must try to be systematic in our study of people’s behaviour. When collecting information, sociologists use research methods (questionnaires, observations, experiments etc.) governed by certain rules of evidence – rules which tell sociologists how to go about the task of collecting and making sense of evidence. One example of this is that a sociologist will try to test their ideas rather than assuming something to be either true or false.

Therefore, Sociology is not about your personal opinion but about what Sociologists and studies are proving about our ever changing world.

The Sociology course is broken down over two years, with two modules in each year worth 50% each of the overall A Level.

Career Pathways


Social work




Health and social sciences/policy



Public Services

Mental health/Well-being