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Media Studies


  • Dr R Cummings
  • Mr P Privilege

Key Stage 3 & 4 Overview

The Media Department in Lagan College is a dynamic and flourishing department that has enjoyed many academic and extra-curricular successes over the years.

Through our cross-curricular work with departments such as English, Politics, Moving Image Arts etc. opportunities avail to study and create a very broad range of media e.g. magazines, film, computer gaming, radio, web design, music video, photography, newspapers, DVD and CD covers, T-shirt printing, soap operas, documentaries, posters, blogs, apps, podcasts, which is a solid foundation for future media studies A-Level.

Post 16 Study

A Level Media Studies

The Media Department is currently offering an A Level in Media Studies (WJEC) which allows us to provide students with in-depth knowledge of a range of theoretical perspectives that are relevant to third level education in the Arts and Humanities, theoretical perspectives to which they are rarely exposed until they begin studying at university level. We consistently attain a high percentage of A* to C grades in AS and A-Level, achieving between 85% and 95% A* to C.

WJEC Media Studies A Level AS Unit (40% of A Level) A2 Unit
Exam 60% (24% of A Level) 60% (36% of A Level)
Controlled Assessment 40% (16% of A Level) 40% (24% of A Level)

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Cinemagic Workshops
  • BBC Schools Report/Newsline Workshops
  • NI Kids Newsletter
  • Blue Peter Film
  • Belfast Telegraph
  • Belfast Exposed Photography Gallery


  • Facebook Administrator to App Designer
  • Podcaster to Vodcaster
  • Graphic designer
  • Journalist
  • Photographer
  • Camera person
  • Film director