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At Lagan College we aim to challenge and encourage students to succeed in their Mathematics. However, we also try to make it fun and interesting too. The Maths department uses the latest technology and methods to bring the teaching and learning of Maths to life.


  • Mr D Mooney (HOD)
  • Mrs C Morgan (AHOD)
  • Miss M Cavanagh
  • Mrs G Diamond
  • Mrs L Gillespie
  • Ms N Holmes
  • Ms M Leckey
  • Mr E MacManus
  • Mr C McCann
  • Mrs S McKee
  • Mr J Rocliffe

Key Stage 3 & 4 Overview

At Lagan College students are challenged and encouraged to succeed in their Mathematics. The Maths department uses the latest technology and methods to bring the teaching and learning of Maths to life. Students use their iPads daily to support their learning both in class and at home.

Each year group has a Youtube Scheme of Work which helps students understand the topics. If a student has a difficulty or wishes to revise a specific aspect they can go online and watch helpful videos. We start building upon the Maths knowledge and skills they have developed throughout primary school. Year 8-10 are important years when students begin looking at topics that will be of great value to them during the GCSE years.

Based on performance during Key Stage 3, students are placed into the most suitable pathway at KS4. Most students at Lagan College are entered for the Mathematics CCEA GCSE; this qualification is designed to provide a grasp of key mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills. The examination has tiered Foundation and Higher entry levels to cater for students of all abilities.

Strong mathematicians are also encouraged to study double GCSE Maths and GCSE Further Maths qualifications. There is also a class that follows a double GCSE Maths and GCSE Statistics course. Some students study OCN Application of Number which is a qualification designed for learners in education, training, work, and everyday life situations who would like to gain a nationally accredited qualification.

Post 16 Study

Every year a class of high achieving students embark on the CCEA A Level in Mathematics. This course includes Pure Mathematics, Mechanics, and Statistics.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Maths 24 Challenge

Not Bored – Board Games

Career Pathways




Statistical Analysis

Software systems design




Veterinary Studies