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Manicure and Nail Art + Facial Skincare


  • Mrs C Gibney

Manicure and Nail Art
This unit is designed to give you an understanding of manicure treatments and nail art techniques. You will study health and safety and potential related careers. In relation to completing Manicure and Nail Art you will learn to communicate with clients during consultations to plan treatment. You will provide manicure treatments and provide nail polishing treatments and nail decoration.

Facial Skincare
This unit is designed to develop your knowledge and practical skills in facial skincare. You will study health and safety and potential related careers. In relation to completing Facial Skincare you will complete an analysis of skin types and conditions and carry out client consultations to identify appropriate treatment plans. You will also complete several applications of facial skincare products in a safe and professional manner and then give aftercare advice to clients.

Both modules will be assessed by building a portfolio of evidenced based on class-based practical tasks using a diary, photographs and teacher record sheets. Learners carry out tasks to gather the required assessment evidence in a portfolio for each unit.
Tasks include answering questions, carrying out practical activities and evaluating your own performance.

Manicure and Nail Art is 50 % of the full award and Facial Skincare is 50% of the final award.
The teacher assesses the portfolio of evidence, and the awarding body (CCEA) carry out an external moderation.

Post 16 Study

The course gives a good learning foundation for many second level Beauty qualifications.

The units focus on occupations and employability enabling progression to other courses in training and employment.

These courses emphasise learning by doing, which helps you to develop the transferable skills needed in a changing and dynamic working environment.

Career Pathways

  • Hairstylist
  • Colourist
  • Nail Professional
  • Massage Therapist
  • Barber
  • Makeup Artist