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  • Miss S Chapman (HOD)
  • Miss A Bell
  • E Boudant
  • Mrs M Mills

In Year 8 in Lagan College, we offer the choice of either French or Spanish as a first language. Pupils also study Irish. In Year 9 pupils have the opportunity to study a second language, they must continue with at least one language until the end of Year 10

Key Stage 3 follow the Dynamo text book; this is an interactive course that pupils have access to through their iPads. They have a variety of reading, writing and listening activities at their disposal. Our Key Stage 3 courses are supplemented with departmental booklets, songs and games. We aim to enhance literacy and inter-personal skills whilst providing an excellent foundation of vocabulary and grammar, should pupils choose to continue French at GCSE level.

Through learning a language our pupils can learn about diversity, which is the lynchpin of Lagan College’s ethos. We celebrate the cultures and languages spoken by our many students who come from other countries, particularly on European Day of Languages which is marked every year in the College on 26th September.

Key Stage 4

GCSE French

French is optional at GCSE level. Pupils who study French at Key Stage 4 at Lagan College build on the skills that they have developed at Key Stage 3. Our aim is to support progression through to A level, Higher Education and Employment.

We study the CCEA specification and there are 4 assessment units in total: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

The following Contexts for Learning are covered:

  1. Identity, Lifestyle and
  2. Local, National, International and Global Areas of
  3. School Life, Studies and the World of

We use Kerboodle as an interactive online text book. This gives pupils the chance to work independently on 3 language based skills whilst getting instant feedback. At Lagan College the GCSE students are extremely lucky to benefit from the support of our experienced French Language Assistant Emmanuelle Boudant.

Important links:

Post 16 Study

A-Level French

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Extra-curricular activities

  • Educational trip to Paris
  • Annual French Drama

Career Pathways

  • Translation
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Banking
  • Teaching
  • Journalism
  • Marketing
  • Diplomatic Service
  • Interpreting
  • Business and Retail
  • Law
  • Civil Service