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Business Studies


  • Mrs A McAlorum (HOD)
  • Mrs S Connor
  • Mr C Gardner
  • Mr C Mooney

The Business Studies Department at Lagan College is a very successful and dynamic department. Business Studies is followed by some students at Key Stage 3 and offered at Key Stage 4, AS and A2 Level. The Business Studies Department has assisted in the delivery of Information and Communication Technology and Employability to our Year 8, 9 and 10 students.

Key Stage 3 & 4 Overview

Year 9 students can opt to study an Introduction to Enterprise at Lagan College. This is an exciting course which introduces them to the world of business, personal financial capability and enterprise. Our students are given the opportunity to work in groups and individually on a number of mini projects; each designed to enhance their employability skills.

Year 10 Business Studies provides a unique opportunity for students to gain an insight into the different ways that businesses can be established and their associated functional areas. Particular focus is dedicated to Finance and Marketing. This provides a solid foundation for those students wishing to pursue GCSE or BTEC Business Studies at Key Stage 4.

GCSE Business Studies (CCEA)

This syllabus provides a comprehensive introduction to the world of business. Year 11 introduces students to the UK economy, types of business ownership, the aims and objectives of different businesses, marketing communications and operations management. Students will undertake an examination at the end of Year 11 worth 40% of their overall GCSE grade.

Year 12 prepares students for an examination also worth 40%. This explores financial concepts, growth and how businesses manage their staff. Additionally, students will also complete a research task based on a local case study and open book examination paper as part of their Controlled Assessment. This is worth 20%.

Level 2 BTEC Business Studies (Edexcel)

Students who follow this pathway will undertake 4 different elements of assessment. Two thirds of these assessments will be coursework-based projects and one third formal examination. This provides a contrast to the traditional GCSE which is more examination based.

BTEC Business Studies introduces students to the same content as GCSE. Students learn about the different types of business organisations, branding and promotion, the impact of external influences on business activity and financial accounting. An examination on Business Finance is sat by students in January of Year 12. All other assessments will be assignment led.

Post 16 Study

OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical is offered to Key Stage 5 students. This is delivered in two formats. The Extended Certificate is equivalent to one A-Level. The Technical Diploma (Marketing Pathway) is equivalent to two A-Levels. In both courses; students are assessed through a combination of coursework (worth 40%) and examination (worth 60%). The combination of assessment enables learners to develop important employability skills which prepares them for entry to third level qualifications, apprenticeships and the world of Industry.

In the Extended Certificate students learn about finance and accounting, economics and external influences, customers and communications, project management, business ownership and business communications.

In addition to this, those opting for the Technical Diploma will also study marketing strategy and research, change management, delivering a business plan and business decisions.

Both courses, provide students will a solid foundation for completing university degrees in a variety of disciplines including areas such as Business Law, Accountancy, Management, Economics, International Business, Marketing, Hospitality, Education and many many more.

Extra-Curricular Activities

In Year 13, students are encouraged to take part in the Young Enterprise Company Programme. Additionally, Year 10 students will participate in programmes like Project Business and Learn to Earn. Students are also given the opportunity to visit a variety of businesses as part of their research to support portfolio tasks. Key Stage 4 students also get the opportunity to visit a local manufacturing firm.

Career Pathways

  • Accountant
  • Management Consultant
  • Business Law
  • Marketing Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Digital Marketer
  • Bank Manager
  • Teacher
  • Hospitality Management