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Cross of Nails

One other thing that makes our school different and unique is our membership of the Community of the Cross of Nails.

On the 14th November 1940, much of the City of Coventry was reduced to rubble by German bombs. The Cathedral, at the heart of the city, burned with it. In the terrible aftermath that followed, a priest wrote the words ‘Father Forgive’ on the smoke-blackened wall of the sanctuary.

Two of the charred beams which had fallen in the shape of a cross were set on the altar and three of the medieval nails were bound into the shape of a cross.

The Cross of Nails is a very powerful and inspirational Symbol worldwide of reconciliation and peace. After the Second World War, Crosses of Nails were presented to Kiel, Dresden and Berlin, cities shattered by Allied bombing: Out of the ashes grew a trust and partnership between Coventry and the German cities.

There are now 160 of Cross of Nails Centres around the world, all working for peace and reconciliation within their own communities and countries. Lagan College is one of only four such centres in Northern Ireland and the only school. We take great pride in our membership of this organization. As a pupil at the school you are a member too. The words Father Forgive have been made into a prayer that every member of the Community of the Cross of Nails has on display. In the foyer of the school you will see our own Cross of Nails and the words of the prayer.

Here is your own copy:

The Litany of Reconciliation
All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God

For the hatred which divides nation from nation, race from race, class from class
For the covetous desires of people and nations to possess what is not their own
For the greed which exploits the work of human hands and lays waste the earth
For our envy of the welfare and happiness of others
For our indifference to the plight of the imprisoned, the homeless, the refugee
For the lust which dishonours the bodies of men, women and children
For the pride that leads us to trust in ourselves and not in God

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted forgiving one another
As God in Christ forgave you.